Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

Well. It's the beginning of a new year! The house is clean, I've said my affirmations and all is well in the world.. ok, well we all know that is not exactly true.. but overall... life is good.. Or at least that's the perspective I'm gonna take for 2010..

Looking forward to the future! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Marcus aka.. walkingwater ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time to focus and hone my crafts into one

Express yourself. Express yourself.. Express yourself..

Take the time to plan. Take the time to focus. See it EVERYDAY..and BELIEVE it EVERYDAY.

Come Over Here

Check out the song and Download the free Mp3 in the Downloads section Above

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stronger than the Struggle

I dreamed so long of becoming a star
I thought for so long that I would go far
Now I sit here alone on a brown leather couch
Living in the hood and about to be kicked out

No money in the bank
In need of a job
Projects postponed
Low on smiles and love

Is it a seasonal thing
If so how long does it last
Why am I moving so slow
When I was going so fast?

I look at others
Watch how they fly
Then ask myself
When will I touch the sky
I thought I was great
I thought I was strong
Maybe I'm too cocky
Maybe I'm wrong

Dazed and confused
Ask what life's about
My family's together
And I feel left out

At the bottom of the pit
And I'm tryin to climb
Just tryin to make it
And not fall behind

I write about nightmares
But this one has last too long
Time to be on top
Be where I belong

Friday, November 20, 2009

Like a Nightmare

Hope you all enjoy this new song and video. Lemme know what you think. Thanks! :0)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walk it out...

Your so good
Why am I so mean?
You treat me so sweet
I should treat you like a king

I think walks are good
Smiling together again
I love to hear your laughter
I love to be your friend

The house you want I'll buy you
Just maybe not right now
The lips you want will kiss you
As soon as I learn how

Am I afraid to get to close?
I don't wanna push away
Learn to make you happy
Not be an asshole everyday

I had a great night with my Myk today. I'm thankful to have someone as special as him in my life.

I'm writing a new song... that poem at the top are not lyrics from it or anything.. but I will be posting it very shortly on youtube. Hope you all enjoy it when it hits..

Here are some photos from tonight's walk...

and this is the alotaboutus video we made from this night... enjoy! :0)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More.. More.. More.. More..More!!!!!!

Yawn.. Stretch!! creep out of bed.. (myk and I made a video the night b4.. excited to see what people had to say about it.. )

log in to youtube...

(user comment)... is this really what you two are talking about.. it's rare enough we get an alotaboutus video anymore.. and this is what you give us...

Britney Spears said it best... Gimme Gimme MOre MOre MORE more!!!!

whenever you try to make people happy.. what are they..


(of course this doesn't go for all users.. but you know how it is when you try to make people happy.. and they shit on you.. I'm so over it!)..

Listen to your viewers, the inner Marcus is saying..

Fuck them.. it takes forever to edit these videos they should be glad alotaboutus is producing something to watch the asshole side is saying..


you can't please everyone.. I have tried doing that before.. it doesn't work.

all you can do.. is do what your doing..

listen to the response.. and adjust accordingly

Myk and I want to reach more of a viewing audience..

the reason we will randomly do MUSIC VIDEO REVIEWS is because a Shit Load of people are searching those topics.

yes.. we will make videos about other topics.. that are fun and creative...

but with every video.. we can't say.. o.. wait.. is this a topic our audience wants to hear about?

No.. We have to just edit.. and trust.. that it will reach someone..

Take what we give you.

We will do our best to make what we give you.. GREAT..

But.. I (Marcus) am over.. trying to please EVERYONE!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Teaching Myk how to blogg.. :0)

Myk loves Brandy!

... and he LOVES.. this music video

... love you Myk!.. :0)
CLICK HERE to visit Myk's blog and see how much he learned :0)

the end

GoGoo For GaGaa..

The Fame Monster - In Stores - 11/23/09

Was glad everyone seems to be enjoying the Fan Made Music Video.. I know I have my clothes off alot.. but I enjoy being naked..
I'm really excited for Lady Gaga.. She has become such an inspiration to me.. I have always felt like an "out of the box" artist, and it is refreshing to see others expressing themselves on grander scales.. When I watch her videos.. I say to myself.. one day.. one day I'll be able to create whatever visions I see in my head..

I create .. Performing is my favorite thing to do!! It feels so good to become something.. To allow yourself to transform.. it's a wonderful feeling!

Looking forward to GaGa's new album The Fame Monster! She is absolutely incredible!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am by the laws of the universe a Naturally Sexual being. I am not an animal to be tamed.

Medina - You and I [ i was just really feeling this song]

Something really wonderful is coming this way. Something I have been only seeing in my dreams. Or should I say. Something I have dreamed for. For maybe not my whole life. But a long time now. it's almost here

My hope is that these videos I post will not slow down the process. I'm not trying to be racy, or scandalous. I'm just expressing myself.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Virgos have some Random Crap to say...

Well.. I don't really talk on here too much. I know I can be a little random from time to time. I was on youtube and there was a viewer that had a video title along the lines of Virgos vlog about the most random things...

Guess she is onto something.. Let me check out what that video is.. one sec..

lol. I found the video..

lets check out her vlog... :0)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ok.. What is it about?.. Life that is. I mean isn't that the ultimate question?


my interpretation of what we are all conditioned into thinking is HOLLYWOOD.
But really it's just another imperfect world

Thank's for watching.

P.S... check out the Free Downloads at the top of the page for the HOLLYWOOD MP3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

that's the thing

that's the thing
i can't undo it
it's in the circle
it's meant to be
what's been woven
is woven
you can't undo
you can move on
you can go through
you will keep waking
you will stay strong
you will keep fighting
you will hold on
you will see daylight
you will see the sun
you will win this battle
you will live on

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I realize that I have alot of videos...

I like campaign's a little's how I communicate or something. through videos. so instead of typing I post videos.. but I want to try something different with this blog. I don't want to just post videos. I want to express the inner parts of me. I think I can do that in a more intimate way by really siting and thinking about what it is that is going on. I think I can resinate the omm of my inner chi by typing and posting (possibly) photos.. lol. Of course I will post photos.

But I do have to say. Something about writing right now is very

Wait. I am called to something else at the moment.

This was nice. Thanks for listening.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have 1

Well.. I just don't want to join twitter..but then agian.. Do I really want to be followed by thousands of people?.. I think I will savor the days when I'm not! I'm very happy with one for now! is a video Review I created last night after watching Ciara's new Music video - WORK.. Enjoy the REVIEW...

It's not your typical style.. but I'm happy with it! :0)

Monday, June 22, 2009


NO... I'm not obsessed with anyone.. Just wanted to title my blog that.. although.. I did Make a video this morning...

I was bored.. What can I say.. I make alot of videos out of boredom..

a subscriber on youtube made a comment on my I'm a youtube Celebrity Video..

right on very camera shy,yet I want to try out for HGTV'S design star next year..wish I was a natural in front of the cam like you.

WalkingWater (29 minutes ago) Reply | Remove
You know..I'm not a natural.. I'm just not afraid of people making fun, or criticizing me. Just.. Make a video.. it's that simple.. and to all the haters... fuck em.

It's true.. It's not that I'm a natural.. Having thousands of people watching you can feel a little awkward from time to time.. but there comes a point when you have to say... fuck it. People will always be judging.. If you make a video or not

Just be true to who you are and you will go far.. That's at least what I say to myself to get

I know I have been slippin on these posts.. But I have some time on my hands for the moment

Thanks for stoppin by.

ME!! :0)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

yes..from time to time..I delete things

I always do it for a reason. Usually some how for the better decision.. i am trying my best not to censor myself on here. Well. I will have tact in what it is I say and do here.

Came on here to say what again?.. i never really know.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm so excited~!

tomorrow is another big day. I'll be helping run the spiderman auditions for the women with a good friend of mine from LA! things are off and running soon!! training, and getting in shape for the show! I love when things start to pick up, and the wind seems to blow a little harder.. Well, I am actually about to go to bed..but a friend of mine shared this video with me that I wanted to share with you! Check it out.. it's beautiful!

The Presets - If I Know You

Friday, May 29, 2009

More "Outta Here" fun

WOW..check out this chick!!

Esemee Denters "Outta Here"

Making of video for "Outta Here"


Outta Here

Esmee Denters - Outta Here (Cover)

A couple of Artists!

I really enjoyed how these people told a story using their images! The first two pieces inspired the minimal side of me in the most recent "Outta Here" video...and be sure to watch the 3rd video!!! you will NEVER BELIEVE THIS GIRLS VOICE!!

if you check them out on youtube, be sure to subscribe.. ;)


My Twitter Life: Scale will NEVER BELIEVE THIS GIRLS VOICE!!!!

Kat B. And I am telling you
Kat B you are

Or should I we are.. Yes..I have made it official..I was going to wait a little bit..but why not just start.. I have been wanting to blog for awhile now..Not sure why..Just another outlet of expression..

Thanks for stopping by! maybe going to Florida from July 6-11..anyone around miami..or Ft. Myers?

Well.I did say that this blog was going to be a piece into my mind..

There will end up being tuns of random stuff posted on here..Mostly things that inspire me..People that inspire me..So be sure to stay updated! peace love, and respect...Me

I love creating!

Last night Myk and I were watched Outta Here by Esmee and were so inspired! We both decided to get up this morning and start the day off by creating our versions of it.

While he is still working on the vocals, I'm just reflecting on how funny the creative process is..I was thinking of creating a Making of video...

Like with the frame with the fire should have seen about a split second the audience never sees the behind the scenes.. if only they understand the smoke and mirrors that go on for videos.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wanna do it right

Here I am again..tryin to do it right..feel like I do it wrong from time to time. or at least wonderin if I'm doin it wrong. I be goin crazy on youtube. I feel like I have to get off it sometimes..i don't neccessarly want to curse..but that shyt be gettin me bugged am planning on making some really fierce videos!

Mky is probably planning a new a new song by..E..u'll post it soon...

so how are you all doing. I know alot of you are reading this right now and thinkin..what am I doing..Reading all about some random.. Why am I at this site>,,, Why am I typing to you?...

Well the truth is. I feel like I was put here to lead. to show a way. a path. that is the truth..I guess I am trying to get into tune with that and do my thang

Look..gonna keep it short and sweet and not too deep

thanks for coming to the site. Again..Like The Real Life Vlogs ..we will see where these blogs and vlogs take us.