Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am by the laws of the universe a Naturally Sexual being. I am not an animal to be tamed.

Medina - You and I [ i was just really feeling this song]

Something really wonderful is coming this way. Something I have been only seeing in my dreams. Or should I say. Something I have dreamed for. For maybe not my whole life. But a long time now. it's almost here

My hope is that these videos I post will not slow down the process. I'm not trying to be racy, or scandalous. I'm just expressing myself.


Loverboy said...

I Love the title of this post...I am, the laws of the universe a naturally sexual being. I am nto an animal to be tamed....Spoken like a Tru Virgo!!!......We sooo rock!!!

Loverboy said...

oh and this is virgo8308323 form youtube and rodney johnson on ur facebook...Hi Marcus!! know u had a blog too