Monday, June 22, 2009


NO... I'm not obsessed with anyone.. Just wanted to title my blog that.. although.. I did Make a video this morning...

I was bored.. What can I say.. I make alot of videos out of boredom..

a subscriber on youtube made a comment on my I'm a youtube Celebrity Video..

right on very camera shy,yet I want to try out for HGTV'S design star next year..wish I was a natural in front of the cam like you.

WalkingWater (29 minutes ago) Reply | Remove
You know..I'm not a natural.. I'm just not afraid of people making fun, or criticizing me. Just.. Make a video.. it's that simple.. and to all the haters... fuck em.

It's true.. It's not that I'm a natural.. Having thousands of people watching you can feel a little awkward from time to time.. but there comes a point when you have to say... fuck it. People will always be judging.. If you make a video or not

Just be true to who you are and you will go far.. That's at least what I say to myself to get

I know I have been slippin on these posts.. But I have some time on my hands for the moment

Thanks for stoppin by.

ME!! :0)

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