Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wanna do it right

Here I am again..tryin to do it right..feel like I do it wrong from time to time. or at least wonderin if I'm doin it wrong. I be goin crazy on youtube. I feel like I have to get off it sometimes..i don't neccessarly want to curse..but that shyt be gettin me bugged am planning on making some really fierce videos!

Mky is probably planning a new a new song by..E..u'll post it soon...

so how are you all doing. I know alot of you are reading this right now and thinkin..what am I doing..Reading all about some random.. Why am I at this site>,,, Why am I typing to you?...

Well the truth is. I feel like I was put here to lead. to show a way. a path. that is the truth..I guess I am trying to get into tune with that and do my thang

Look..gonna keep it short and sweet and not too deep

thanks for coming to the site. Again..Like The Real Life Vlogs ..we will see where these blogs and vlogs take us.

1 comment:

RocaFella07 said...

I'm sooo glad to see that your blogging now! I love your videos, and can really relate to you sometimes.

I cant wait to read more.

Good Luck!