Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walk it out...

Your so good
Why am I so mean?
You treat me so sweet
I should treat you like a king

I think walks are good
Smiling together again
I love to hear your laughter
I love to be your friend

The house you want I'll buy you
Just maybe not right now
The lips you want will kiss you
As soon as I learn how

Am I afraid to get to close?
I don't wanna push away
Learn to make you happy
Not be an asshole everyday

I had a great night with my Myk today. I'm thankful to have someone as special as him in my life.

I'm writing a new song... that poem at the top are not lyrics from it or anything.. but I will be posting it very shortly on youtube. Hope you all enjoy it when it hits..

Here are some photos from tonight's walk...

and this is the alotaboutus video we made from this night... enjoy! :0)

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