Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stronger than the Struggle

I dreamed so long of becoming a star
I thought for so long that I would go far
Now I sit here alone on a brown leather couch
Living in the hood and about to be kicked out

No money in the bank
In need of a job
Projects postponed
Low on smiles and love

Is it a seasonal thing
If so how long does it last
Why am I moving so slow
When I was going so fast?

I look at others
Watch how they fly
Then ask myself
When will I touch the sky
I thought I was great
I thought I was strong
Maybe I'm too cocky
Maybe I'm wrong

Dazed and confused
Ask what life's about
My family's together
And I feel left out

At the bottom of the pit
And I'm tryin to climb
Just tryin to make it
And not fall behind

I write about nightmares
But this one has last too long
Time to be on top
Be where I belong

1 comment:

Toy Couture said...

Really love the poem. It actually inspires me to get up off my ass and stop complaining. LOL