Sunday, January 30, 2011


Keep walking. That's all you can really do. Walk. Breathe. Thank god you can breathe. Take off your headphones. Feel better?. Yes.

The Real Life Vlogs 47. Posted it a few days ago. Youtube. It's been my home base for videos. Views. They use to be very important to me. And yes. I would love for more people to be watching. But. Peace. Peace is what I want. Wherever I am is here. Here is... Well. Here is


Tracy Belanger said...

Thank you for your sight Creative Expressionism exists. does this make you and expressionist? I will be praying your not alone in NYC. Reach out to others and be real people eat that up. I like your editing, your varity keeps me watching. Story line?

All the best, Blessed.

Golden Child said...

Marcus, you're so creative and different. Keep doing you boo. I've been following you since your Britney Spears/Break the Ice video. YOU'RE AWESOME!!! Love seeing the world through your eyes.