Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ninja Dance

This is a piece I have been working on for a long time now.. well. a long time for me.. I got a message on the front of my youtube homepage.. from CatIsKrazay saying I was the dancing ninja and that Thou shalt do the Ninja Dance...

I got a laugh out of it.. but got me thinking..

so I typed in "the ninja dance" in the youtube search bar.. and a video came up called The Ninja dance..

it was a video someone had created to the Mega Man Theme song Techno Remix.. they had taken anime and layered it on top of the instrumental..

I heard the music and thought it was so dated and outrageous.. that it was perfect..


a spoof right?..

so I went to my friend Ayo and was like..hey... wanna make a Ninja movie..

where we wear our bed sheets?...

She was

yes.. the answer to your question is yes...

so we put on our sheets..and found our friend Chae and asked the same thing..

Chae helped with some of the makeup.. and played with the concept with us as well..

Then we slowly ended up asking a few other people we lived with over a course of about two hours.. if the would wanna make a video...

and this is what was created..

hope you all enjoy.. Peace!!

Me :0)